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Compelling Movement-Based Educational Group Experiences

For adults & children, regular practitioners & geeks, teachers, students, artists...

Field Work Sessions

These are inquiry based multi-disciplinary movement sessions playing the edge of art, health and practice as research. Improvisation techniques inform the live nature of the education space where yogasana and freestyle movement collide with various Embodiment Inquisitor activities informed by the group body-mind. Regular Classes

Somatic Yoga

For those who love yoga and are open to what happens when we intersect with other modalities and bring our discoveries back to our own practice and lives. Somatic Yoga - invigorating, accessible & relevant. Here are thoughtful, creative, informative yoga experiences combining yogasana, philosophy, embodied anatomy and somatic practices of sensing & imagining. Your yoga is an emergent expression of you in process – a practice in listening & living experience. Our design and function, our thoughts and context all inform us in yoga. Somatic Yoga is offered in course format - 5 weeks of 75min classes. This is a great model for learning, development and cultivating community. Upcoming Courses


Developed in 2015, Adventures In The Field™ (AITF) is a codified process for experiencing & mapping embodied intelligence. It is the synthesis of my research and work over several decades and packed with resources that arise from our make up. AITF is an interdisciplinary, deeply therapeutic, rich research & educational model with a footing in Art, Psychophysiology, Embodied Anatomy, and Movement Therapy. Its multi-zoned journey has been taught in groups and privately, in Australia & NZ. AITF has provided a framework and conceptual principles for my new social enterprise, Live Particle in collaboration with Angela Clarke. I am currently developing a digital realisation of the AITF material, AITF Digital - The Quest, to support embodied education and somatic practices worldwide. 
Read more about Adventures In The Field™

The Yoga Lab (TYL) Teachers Incubator

We diligently take our trainings - TTs & PDs, then return to the studio to do our best to assimilate and keep evolving our classes. This is not a simple process, it can often feel isolating, confusing and well yes, repetitious. I've been there. I've taught all over the place, many different communities in many contexts.  One thing I craved most was an accessible consistent mentor, so when I opened The Yoga Lab  Melbourne, I made mentorship and 'familyesque' care for professional and personal development for my staff and myself, a central tenet.  Read TYL Testimonials

Now that studio is no longer, it's clear to me that The Yoga Lab's new manifestation is a mobile professional development service. A structured durational lab (experience & process) that supports you & your colleagues in the comfort and reality of your studio and community. I steward the ship, (and may bring in guest teachers from the original TYL), but your colleagues are just as much involved in the mentoring and constructive critical conversation. Inside this nest-like laboratory you can try shit out, muck up, play, grow, shed, change, debate and formulate with a collective of 'like-mindeds' crafting with you because we’re in it together. This is not yoga specific either. The art of teaching and facilitating is a great love of mine. So an incubator can be designed to support the diversity of your team and offerings.

Identify and claim your skills, ideas and work inside this conversation of yoga, dance, performance. Learn how to bring the many colours of your life experiences, investigations and expertise to your teaching. Consider your ever essential professional sustainability – physically, intellectually, emotionally & creatively. Become a conscious and skilled craftsperson in the content, design and delivery of your work. Redefine your teaching & offering. What kind of conversation are you currently having? What is the conversation you want to have and how might you have that?

Little People In The Field

Sessions for 5-12 year olds full of moving, yogasana, play and storytelling exploring an aspect of our design. Described by the children as an 'active science' class!


"Sustainability begins with our cellular intelligence."

A little more about Field Work and the field...

Camilla places great emphasis on the value of kinaesthetic awareness, embodied intelligence and the ‘truth‘ that lies in lived experience.

As omni-dimentional beings we need to cultivate and share this essential knowledge. It is our human inheritance. When we sense, feel into and come to ‘know’ how we arise from our intelligent flesh and explore what that tells us about living in this world, we are attending directly to our personal and collective vitality and sustainability. As highly integrated organisms intimately woven into our environment, we are the Field.

Field Work Practicums offer adults an opportunity to venture the field, grow their understanding, capabilities & capacity, relish in their dynamic aliveness and take responsibility for our ecosystem.

Field Work Practicums are active investigative research spaces employing experiential & freestyle movement, philosophy, yogasana, play-based activities, somatic enquiry, meditation, discussion - all hanging around an improvisational framework. 

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