Here is my product offering.

FIEld work

Compelling movement-based educational experiences for adults & children, regular practitioners & geeks, teachers, students, artists...

  • Field Work Practicums 
  • Yoga In The Field
  • The Yoga Lab Teachers Incubator
  • Little People In The Field
  • Technical Teasers
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Inquisitorials & Therapeutics

Private & small group sessions dedicated to invigorating personal research through kinaesthetic learning, embodied philosophy  & somatic enquiry. Here are some of my Inquisitorial Products:

  • Your Embodied Practice
  • Adventures In The Field™
  • Movement Psychology Lab
  • Mentoring & PD
  • A One Off
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Adventures In The Field™

Described as embodied, spatial philosophy and profoundly therapeutic. It is an embodiment process packed with resources that arise from our make up. With many applications; creative process, teaching model, personal inquiry map...