A selection of projects I'm currently engaged with.



This is the digital realisation of the live work - Adventures In The Field™. In an effort to increase accessibility and translation of embodied education and somatic practices, I was compelled to create an online experience of this potent material. AITF Digital - The Quest is a digital artwork - a sonic/visual educative adventure, self loomed, repeatable and constantly refreshed with new material. As an interactive interface it operates as a resource to my Social Enterprise Live Particle and the AITF face-to-face sessions. It is currently in development - intended completion 2019.

NYC subway lights.jpg

The wonderlab project

Established in 2013, The WonderLab Project is an enduring artistic duo mapping the moving thinking human.
Current projects:

  • LIPS - Live In Public Spaces - a site-specific dance improvisation duo & social research initiative. Taking on being human in public and exploring the life of a public space!

  • HumanHuman - a sonic art podcast putting movement and all things to do with moving on air.