Here is my product offering across various platforms.


Live Particle

Embodied Education for Social Change. Cultivating the Conditions to Thrive.

This is a new initiative in collaboration with the talented educator/artist Angela Clarke. Live Particle is a social enterprise providing embodied education to adult learners in any field.

We share unique ways for individuals and groups to experience the transformative impact of embodied education on their learning and living.

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Inquisitorials & Therapeutics

Private & small group sessions dedicated to invigorating personal research through kinaesthetic learning, embodied philosophy  & somatic enquiry. Here are some of my Inquisitorial Products:

  • Your Embodied Practice

  • Adventures In The Field™

  • Movement Psychology Lab

  • Mentoring & PD

  • A One Off

Group TEaching

I specialise in multi-disciplinary somatic practices in public and private settings including professional development.

  • Field Work

  • Somatic Yoga

  • Adventures In The Field

  • The Yoga Lab Teachers Incubator

  • Little People In The Field