The WonderLab Project


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Established in 2013, The WonderLab Project is the collaboration of movement educators and practitioners, Ineke de Graaf and Camilla Maling. 

The WonderLab Project (TWLP) wonders at the marvel that we are, the curiousness of how we do, and how moving is fundamental to living. All of this is crucial to understanding our environment, our community and ourselves.

In previous years this has taken the form of an an inter-disciplinary movement laboratory producing workshops, an ongoing guest artist dance programme - Dance Spot, a festival - Permutation, Holler & Jump and various other delights such as Dance Your Ass Off. 

Recently TWLP has settled on two mediums - performance - LIPS and HumanHuman - a series of podcasts.


HumanHuman - a podcast

HH Instal 1 small.jpg quite literally conversations in the flesh, about the flesh and with those who work in the undulating overlapping fields of being a moving, thinking human. 

Podcast instalments are compositions of spoken word and original soundscapes created with recordings derived from our moving practice.

HumanHuman is brought to you (produced and edited) by The WonderLab Project.



LIPS - Live In Public Spaces

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A public place, overalls & a score...this is The WonderLab Project's site specific dance improvisation escapade. Taking-on being human in public and the inherent contradictions, repressions, freedoms & diversities.

This our site specific improvisation escapade. Dressed in Hard Yakka overalls and ready for action, we create improvisational scores in public space to explore what's under the surface, between your steps, unspoken along the white lines and alive on the streets of Melbourne - exploring the richness of public space, responding to what's there and risking what's allowed.


Upcoming performance info here


TWLP Archive

Click on these links below to learn about our Permutation Festival, 2014



More archival material to come.