Adventures In the Field™


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Embodied . Spatial . Philosophy

“There’s a little bit of magic in this work. It’s ‘Otherworldly’ right here.” ~ Camilla M.

  • An immersive inter-disciplinary moving & sensory escapade, venturing into the multi-dimensional you.
  • An active living inquiry exposing & exploring the multi-dimensional you what makes you, you. 
  • Together we explore our intelligent flesh, from which we arise.
  • Movement, Yogasana,  soundscapes and language will rouse you in your adventures.

Synthesising over 20 years research & work in movement, yoga, improvisation, therapeutics, and sound design, Camilla has created a multi-levelled model in nine zones. These zones, essentially states of being, encapsulate fundamental developmental, educational and creative principles. Each zone is particular and sequences to the next. The process is designed to be a fun, provocative and dynamic expose, an exploration of the multi-dimensional you whose design reflects the world around. Through movement, Yogasana, soundscapes, and language you are roused into dimensions available within the human experience but often unknown and uninhabited.  Out of this, comes your self tailored map. A tangible resource that you have created and can return to.

Adventures in the Field™ codifies a way in which we move through environments, deal with information and are elegantly productive. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything like this before or how proficient you are with your asana or creative movement. It’s about embodiment – refining your sense of self from this wonderful composition of cells. Camilla believes this ‘knowing’, is critical to our personal and collective vitality and sustainability.

Together we explore our intelligent flesh, from which we arise – as Guy Claxton would say, and the implicit experiences, stories and learning’s. Tone your awareness, broaden your spectrum of understanding about our world and gain a set of resources for your life that have arisen from your very make up.
This work is pithy for those of you in or at the other end of major transitions & or life altering experiences:relationship breakups, job loss, parental transitions, menopause, grief and loss. Or perhaps you’re curious and seeking another way of approaching life. AITF helps you rebuild & or transform your relationship with yourself and your physicality – your embodiment. Re-pattern new behaviour and generate new energy for life.

Adventures In The Field™ is living, moving embodied research. You are life in motion. You are the field. There is undeniable elemental intelligence in your cells. How much of this do you really know? It’s yours for the taking. It’s yours if you’re the curious kind.

I feel it’s so important here for me to attribute the wonderful adventures I’ve been fortunate to have with teachers such as Alice Cummins, Grant Lenaarts, KJ Holmes, Tara Judelle, Ross Rayburn, John Friend, Ineke de Graaf and many more listed below and in my Yoga Credentials & Therapeutics Credentials. Without their wisdom, insight and work, Adventures In The Field would never have coagulated & surfaced. Thank you. x Camilla

Interview on adventures In the Field™

In 2015 I had the pleasure of chatting with Yoga Lunchbox's Kara Leah, prior to teaching Adventures In the Field™ in Wellington, NZ.

What others have said about AITF

“It’s a physical awakening system. You actually build new sense pathways. It’s a physical truth that proper learning changes your perception and this shifts your world.” G. Lenaarts

“A deep exploration, moving beyond my sense of what is, working ways to see, feel and experience things in a new light. Amazing facilitation.” Mish JL

“It helped me develop my self confidence. I’m better at pushing myself in uncomfortable situations and dealing more effectively with what life throws at me.” Tim S

“It felt safe to visit the more challenging areas and I experienced renewed energy becoming more closely acquainted with the parts of me that can often remain ignored. I felt my thinking and outlook was transformed as to how I could apply this experiential wisdom into my daily life and my yoga practice. I left the process with a renewed sense of my creative and physical self: awake and reconnected to what this body, mind and spirit needs.” Christine P.