Behind the scenes...

Camilla has tongue in cheek when she calls herself an Embodiment Inquisitor. Sufficiently ambiguous, the title captures the curiosity in her work. Human beings, being human, our multiplicity in daily life and education, and the investigation into an engaged and intelligent moving life, fascinate Camilla. Synthesing over 25 years research & practice in various movement modalities, improvisation and sound design, Camilla works to promote cellular intelligence as critical to our vitality, social intelligence and social change. 

Respectfully acknowledging the past, Camilla is calling us to re-imbue the name 'inquisitor'. Wonder, open mindedness and passion for possibility are the defining tenets of an agent of inquiry. These she believes, are qualities our society could do with a good deal more of. 

An eRYT 500 registered yoga teacher, Camilla has been teaching yoga and movement around the world since 2005. Now Melbourne based, Camilla has an established practice in movement education, therapeutics and mentoring and recently closed her Melbourne studio, The Yoga Lab to explore ways to create greater accessibility and understanding for somatic-based work.

Camilla has danced for as long as she can remember and continues to do so as research, pleasure and performance. Anusara Yoga taught her an immeasurable amount. Her committed studies in Body-Mind Centering, perpetually nourish at the deepest of levels, and there have been many discoveries within Dance Improvisation, The Alexander Technique, Skinner Release and Contact Improvisation among other modalities. Camilla has a background as an arts journalist & radio documentary maker. Her ceaseless appetite for the stuff of science, story telling, philosophy and movement fuels her work. Camilla facilitates compelling movement-based educational experiences.

For therapeutic purposes, personal growth, professional development or simply intrigue, inside Camilla's work, individuals and groups explore their understanding and awareness of themselves as integrated organisms. They literally grow their understanding of what and how they are, and what this has to do with their environment, and themselves in it. Camilla’s offerings are creative investigations into the physical, philosophical and daily applications of our embodiment experience. 

Camilla is responding to what she sees as; a cultural dearth of sophisticated opportunities to explore, and the denigration of the value of lived experience, kinesthetic awareness and embodied intelligence. This is an essential knowledge, a human inheritance. This ‘knowing’ she believes, is critical to our personal and collective vitality and sustainability as a people and planet.

Alongside her teaching & therapeutic work in the yoga & movement landscape, Camilla collaborates artistically, designs sound, is a cohort in a podcast HumanHuman, practices & performs dance improvisation and spends heaps of time sharing a dynamic life with her partner Bing and two little children Stella & Taylor.

For some time Camilla described her work in three parts: yoga . movement . sound (visit her old Facebook page). Now these are integrated elements of The Embodiment Inquisitor. However here, the differentiation is helpful for biographical & professional credential purposes.


Camilla & movement

I've danced for as long as I can remember. It's how I know me and this world I'm in. My moving research is vital creative practice, direct expression, sophisticated processing and profoundly informative and therapeutic. It's my way of communing.

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camilla & yoga

Yoga is a way of being in the world and considering worldly things. For me it is like coming home. Yoga philosophy directly informs my work & yogasana is a beautiful embodied practice I cherish.


Camilla & sound

I have always been captivated by our aural world. The microphone as instrument, our stories, the cinema of sound, the beauty in the ordinary, the power of our imagination, the sonic human and environment - these I love to capture and compose in my sound design.