Here's a collection of various points of interest throughout my career.

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BMCA Annual Conference, Santa BarbarA CA.

Mid 2019 my colleague Dr Angela Clarke and I had the pleasure of presenting our embodied education work with our social enterprise Live Particle and online product Adventures In The Field Digital.


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Thinking Bodies : Moving Minds, a symposium on the art of embodiment

What defines the art of embodiment? In somatics and dance therapy practices, embodiment is a core philosophical assumption…
I had the pleasure of delivering two presentations at this Symposium in 2018:
- Being Human In Public - LIPS with Ineke de Graaf
- The Live Particle Way - Somatics and Creativity with Angela Clarke


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In 2018, Eve studio founder/director Annie Carter, her team and I dived into a four-month long professional development incubator. I had the pleasure of regularly attending their studio - sharing in their classes, leading specialised workshops and offering constructive critical feedback. Our focus was the art of teaching embodied practice (whether it be yoga, pilates, fitness, dance & the like) within a collegially supportive mentoring environment.


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Smiling Mind

I had the pleasure of working with this innovative company in 2017. As a specialist contractor I created content in the form of Mindful Movement Activities for their recently launched Mindfulness Curriculum.



the yoga lab

The Yoga Lab was a Melbourne-based yoga & movement studio, daring people to move and be moved. I established it back in 2013 and for many of us in the industry - teachers and students, it was a precious place of experimentation, support and innovation.

The studio was renowned in Melbourne for its commitment to the exploration of yoga, movement expression and the somatic experience. Together with my team, I curated and facilitated four years of juicy interdisciplinary experiences - including a diverse weekly schedule, private consultations, workshops, urban retreats, community events, professional development, festivals and performances. The Yoga Lab closed in December 2016.


TedX Parkville Women

Back in 2011 I was honoured to be invited to speak at the first Melbourne TEDxWomen’s event. Enjoy it, I did.

A review & comment of the evening...



Yogathon for FREEDOM

I’ve been honoured to be a part of the Yogathon for Freedom since it’s conception in 2016. Teaching for social change is a powerful endeavour and with a focus on ending child sex slavery, this event is infused with a potent and sacred energy. Over the past three years we’ve had heaps of fun busting some moves together and raising the vibration for a truly vital cause.


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Permutation MOVEMENT Festival

How curious if I step sideways and turn around… 
This festival launched The WonderLab Project with a collection of movement specialists who share a curiosity for investigation.

Established in 2013, The WonderLab Project (TWLP) is the collaboration of movement educators and practitioners, Ineke de Graaf and Camilla Maling. Over the years they have hosted festivals, workshops, guest teacher dance programmes, community dance events, improvisation sessions and more recently TWLP has settled on two mediums - performance - LIPS and HumanHuman - a series of podcasts. 



Ginger In Orange. 

For four years I was the other half of London’s Ginger In Orange. - a fascinating collaboration with musician Christin Rauter, dedicated to making sound that led two artists to Wonderland and back.

Ginger In Orange. released an album, Looking For Wonderland in 2007 - launching it with a film in London's Oxford Circus. Ginger In Orange. went on to teach creative process workshops in Europe & perform original multi-media movement & sound work in London.


Yoga Australia ConferencE

It wasn't just me who had the pleasure of teaching amongst some of Australia's finest, my little boy too - in utero! Back in 2014, we had the most wonderful experience sharing yoga and movement adventures with a crowd of enthusiastic and open hearted people.


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Mini Motion Adventures

Between 2007 - 2010 Mini Motion Adventures (MMA) was offered in Early Learning Centres & Yoga Studios for little people aged 3-9 years in London and Melbourne.

MMA took little children into the world of learning through movement. Children's ideas were central as they explored various activities designed to developed body awareness, creativity, physical confidence & individual and social skills. MMA equipped little children with the tools they needed to move freely and intelligently through their world.

The latest manifestation is Little People In The Field - currently offered to 5-12 year olds in Melbourne primary schools. Click below to learn more about this.


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Curiouser & Curiouser

A weekend Urban Yoga Retreat in the middle of Melbourne, 2012

Students were invited to get interested all over again in the ordinary - in what they’ve got, what they live in everyday.  It's themselves and their environment I posed as the landscape of wonderland 

The below link sends you to my old facebook page where you can find this video.