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Field Work Sessions - Moving Explorations

Moving Explorations Pertinent to Daily Life

We're made in movement, to move. Movement is a primary means of knowing our world, yet it's a greatly under cultivated form of communication. Information can be explored through movement, and as writer Lynn Kelly says, 'encoded in movement', in ways that defy expression in words. Kinesthetic learning is a profoundly sophisticated means of becoming skilful in living.

These compelling multi-disciplinary movement explorations are dedicated to supporting dynamic humanity daily.

1st Sunday of every month
9:30 - 11:30am, drop-in
The Moving Room
55 Edwards St, Brunswick 3056

First Class: Sunday 2nd June 9:30am

Classes open to everyone, no experience required - just a curious spirit

The aim of this work is for moving to become as comfortable and rich a form of inquiry and discussion as reading, writing and speaking. Playing the edge of art, health and practice as research, Field Work contributes to the growing essential field of Kinaesthetic Learning.

* new strategies to use daily
* an interest in the power of movement
* live knowledge of the wisdom in moving
* an embodied practice as research
* a community of like-minds committed to proactive engaged living

In each session a collection of ideas and nuggets of intrigue pertinent to daily life are offered up for inquiry. In this co-created educational space, somatic inquiry, improvisation techniques, yogasana and freestyle movement, collide with various engaging Embodiment Inquisitor activities.

This is a space to research, reveal and refresh