Embodiment Inquisitor:
Multi-disciplinary movement educator, therapist & artist


Embodied research, education & adventure at the intersection of art and health.

Bringing an awareness of our extraordinary cellular intelligence back to the people.

Somatic inquiry, Yoga, movement Explorations, Embodied Anatomy, sound Worlds, podcasts, dance improvisation, Moving Meditations, Psychosocial discussions, educational environments

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"Sustainability begins with our cellular intelligence.""


Field Work & Adventures In The Field™

Compelling movement-based educational experiences for adults & children.

  • yoga & movement classes
  • therapeutic & philosophical process
  • embodied research as active living inquiry
  • Body-Mind Centering explorations

Inquisitorials & Therapeutics

Invigorating personal research through private practice in my home studio - The Inquisitorium, Preston. 

  • tailored one-on-one sessions & small groups
  • mentoring & professional development
  • teasing out technique
  • the art of teaching & fascilitation

The WonderLab Project

A collaboration with Ineke de Graaf, established in 2013. TWLP is currently producing; HumanHuman - a podcast & LIPS - an improvisational performance escapade.

  • HumanHuman - a podcast
  • LIPS - improvisation escapade
  • wonder at the marvel of you
  • site specific events & projects
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"There’s undeniable elemental intelligence in our cells. We are the field."