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We are walking talking archives. Experiences imprinted on skin, bound up in flesh and bone, every cell tells a story of us.

Camilla has danced for as long as she can remember. Her life’s study of the body and movement integrates training in anatomy & physiology, ballet, modern dance, Skinner Release, Body-Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, Improvisational Theatre and various forms of yoga in Australasia, Europe and New York. Movement is the language through which she inhabits, explores and digests her world.

Camilla is actively working in the community in the world of movement. Visit Exploits: eventsservices or projects for more info.

For an insight into her past work, visit her portfolio.


TEaching credentials & training

Camilla is committed to professional development across a range of movement modalities. She is currently studying as a Somatic Movement Educator Body-Mind Centering. Here are some of her earlier studies & qualifications.

Body-Mind Centering
Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen (founder), Sydney & Melbourne March 2017, Australia
Alice Cummins, ongoing training & professional development since 2012, Australia

Embodied Flow (BMC & Yoga)
Tara Judelle, ongoing professional development since 2013, Australia

Alexander Technique
Cathy Madden, a short interlude - 2017, Australia
Ineke de Graaf, ongoing discussions, collaboration and professional development since 2013, Australia

Anatomy in Movement level 1, Embodying Education, May 2010, Australia

Diploma Anatomy & Physiology, 2007 – 2009, Oxford College, UK

20+ years dance training & continuing – Australasia, USA & Europe Study in; ballet, modern theatre skills, improvisation, Contact Improvisation (CI), Action Theatre, Body-Mind Centering (BMC), Skinner Release Technique, Pilates and Kinetic Awareness. Study with; Alice Cummins (BMC), KJ Holmes (CI, BMC) Nita Little (CI), Daniel Lepkoff (CI), Chris Aiken (CI), Andrew Harwood (CI), Martin Hughes (CI), Andrew Morrish (Improvisation), Sten Rudstrom (Action Theatre), Kate Hilder (Action Theatre), Aud Osbo (Skinner Release), Elaine Summers (Kinetic Awareness).
Early training – Ballet, Oxford & NZ

Yoga Training & Investigations – Ongoing study in various forms, extensive study and teacher training in Anusara Yoga™, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga & some Iyengar Yoga – Australasia, New York, Europe.