Fractal - Looking For Wonderland, 2007 (posted in Aural Us, June 2015)

It’s time for some music…

I feel compelled to share a work with you that’s very close to my heart. In London, back in 2008 musician Christin Rauter and I made an album, Looking For Wonderland. The track ‘Fractal’ has particular relevance to our discussion about movement – about the patterns we create in our daily dealings and the constantly expanding and condensing energetics of these experiences.

Fractal – the track…

A meditation on sound. A fractal is a fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is approximately a reduced-size copy of the whole. Derived from Latin, ‘fract’ means broken. This became a map of construction. Seeking to give breath, take one tiny segment of recorded sound, dive in and wonder at the patterns in this seeming chaos. Natural objects often referred to as fractals include clouds, mountain ranges, lightning bolts, coastlines, and snow flakes.


Looking For Wonderland – the album…

LFW investigates states, places, and the act of wonder in our contemporary environment. Ginger In Orange. was interested in the concept of wonder and the idea of wonderland as a shared human experience. In dance and music there is a kind of wonderland for the artist and audience, “we all conger our own wonderland”. Wonder is freedom, imagination, creativity and beauty. Wonder is escapism, passion, addiction and darkness.

Each track in this album tells a story. A story about the makers, about our world, about human imagination.

All instruments improvised. All recordings original. All sound found.

Fusing recordings from all over the world.

(6’43”  – Fractal by Camilla Maling & Christin Rauter – Ginger In Orange.)