HumanHuman E02: Hal, Lay Down A Beat!

Hand in hand with music, fire, eating and sex, we've been dancing forever. Why? What makes us do it? And...the science is out, our neural plasticity thrives on it.
We took to the streets to find out if the people are still dancing.

It's been some time since our first episode. We've been performing as LIPS around Melbourne and have been keen to capture the voices and textures of the people we meet on the way. This episode marks the beginning of  the style we're developing to do just this.

Our thanks to all the generous people who offered their stories. Special thanks to Milo & Hal Christensen. All sonic/musical compositions are original with the exception of the music playing in the venues during the interviews, so our thanks to those artists who bring a musical life to the work.

Duration: 10'44"