Mesoderm (posted in Aural Us, April 2014)

A spoken word piece by Camilla Maling, March 2014

I recently participated in a professional development Body-Mind Centering retreat with Alice Cummins, its focus – Embryology. This deeply profound, rich and intensive training teased stories from my cells that reached way back. Finding words for our felt experience is a challenge – during this week, they slipped from my pores. I am sharing some of this writing with you.

(1’29” – Mesoderm)

Molecules (posted in Aural Us, March 2014)

An extract from… In The Shadow Of The Moon, a documentary film

This astronaut beautifully articulates what is an extraordinary metaphor for living – our very own physiology intimately integrated into our environment. As an Embodiment Inquisitor, I am on a quest for experiences & examples of our interconnectedness, details otherwise missed, patterns hidden beneath the seeming chaos. Certainly these men had an insight unlike any other.

(0’52” – In The Shadow Of The Moon)

An Ode (posted in Aural Us, 2014)

To consider my moving self is a profoundly spiritual endeavour.

I believe our moving self is key to our experience and understanding of our self, our environment and our place it in.

I built this little composition shortly after returning from India, new to Melbourne and newly pregnant with my daughter. I was experiencing movement in all it’s glory.

(2’30” – copyright of Camilla Maling)

Melodic Flesh (posted in Aural Us, Jan 2014)

To kick off my blog Aural Us, Jan 2014...

What better way than to call on a work with a name like Melodic Flesh!  I made & performed  this work in London back in 2006. It was a solo improvisation in dance and voice to an original sound score. This is a compiled soundbite from the sound score.

We sit, we stand, we walk and what else…?

There are interlacing patterns in every given moment, dive in and capture with all your senses – venture into the music box.

This short score is part of a larger investigation into the relationship between sound and movement. It’s a matter of vibration and conversation – as sound hits you in any given moment you physicalise & reconfigure your experience of sound and self…

The soundscape is constructed of voice & original recordings from our everyday environment.

2’39” compiled soundbite
(Full soundscape duration 9’45”)

From The Tips Of My Fingers (HH: Installment 1.)

This is an introduction of what's to come, in HumanHuman - a podcast by The WonderLab Project. It is a series of conversations in the flesh, with people of all ages. Spoken word and original soundscapes compile this opening provocation on being a moving, thinking human. 
Our thanks to: Stella MalingSmith, Kim Sargent-Wishart, Bing Smith, Alastair Watts, Cathy Madden, Anouar Cunningham and Bella & Elvy Swan.

HumanHuman: a podcast - conversations in the flesh, is brought to you by The WonderLab Project - Camilla Maling & Ineke de Graaf. All interviews, sound collection & compositions in this podcast are produced and edited by Camilla & Ineke. All rights reserved © 2017